Our Core Values

  1. We passionately build strong, long lasting customer and employee friendships.
  2. We treat all with mutual respect and dignity.  We live by the rule "do unto others what you would have them do unto you".
  3. We never yell or curse.  When a conversation exceeds an acceptable decibel or when someone uses profanity, we withdraw from the situation.
  4. We will work hard to make Bantec a fun place to work.  We want everyone to enjoy coming to work.
  5. We work hard to retain our employees.  Our employees are at the core of our reason for being.  We retain our employees by promoting their achievement, intellectual growth and financial prosperity.
  6. We are sensitive to the needs of our customers and employees.  We realize both are at the core of our existence. 
  7. We don't criticize, condemn or complain.  We help others to be better.
  8. We embed ethical behavior in everything we do and we let it guide our every action.
  9. We are very detailed in everything that we do.  We understand its importance to our success.  We understand that being lazy with the details will later prove stressful and must be avoided.
  10. We are dedicated to learning about the psychology of human behavior and how to use this knowledge to help us build long lasting customer and employee friendships.
  11. We continuously learn and teach each other innovative ways to better serve our customers and employees.
  12. We respond immediately to our customer's needs.  We understand that quick adequate response will ultimately help strengthen the customer bond.
  13. We encourage our employees to interact frequently with our customers and with each other.  We understand and appreciate the complexities of building long lasting friendships
  14. We believe in the wrestler's work ethic: we are strategic, energetic, dedicated and relentless when pursuing our goals.
  15. We are dedicated to fighting organizational and individual arrogance.  We realize that organizational and individual arrogance will hinder learning and growth at every level.