Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

·         Respect the dignity and rights of others.

·         Prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

·         Protect human health and safety.

·         Protect employees from avoidable injury in the workplace.

·         Ensure that our products and services sustain or enhance customer health and safety.

·         Provide an environment that is free of substance abuse.

·         Promote the company’s legitimate interests in a diligent and professional manner.

·         Maintain and promote the company’s economic well being.

·         Use position and company resources only for company purposes (not for personal gain).

·         Refrain from giving and receiving excessive gifts and entertainment.

·         Protect company assets, including confidential information, funds and equipment.

·         Do not misappropriate company resources through theft, embezzlement, or other means.

·         Strictly adhere to environmental laws and regulations.

·         Honor promises and agreements.

·         Be honest and truthful in all activities.

·         Avoid deceptive and misleading statements and omissions in all situations.

·         Give customers adequate health and safety information.

·         Do not violate insider trading laws.

          Respect customer and employee privacy.

·         Assist employees in developing skills and knowledge.

·         Treat customers fairly in all aspects of transactions.

·         Engage in free and fair competition.  Refrain from colluding with competitors on pricing/bids.

·         Obey all applicable laws, regulations and rules.

·         Do not condone or participate in bribery or other forms of corruption.

·         Do not take business opportunities for personal use that rightfully belong to the company.

          Avoid improper involvement in political activities or campaigns.

·         Offer Products and services whose quality meets or exceeds customers’ requirements.

·         Provide timely service and remedies for customer complaints.

·         Protect and, where possible, improve the natural environment.