About Us


Bantec, Inc., headquartered in Little Falls, NJ., consists of three separate divisions: Distributing, Drones and related services and Environmental/Construction products and services. Through our subsidiary Howco Distributing Co., we sell a wide variety of products primarily to United States Department of Defense. Through Drone USA we sell drone programs, which consists of drones, training, COA's and waivers and other drone-related services, to law enforcement, firefighters, security companies and engineering companies. Our environmental/construction division sells products and services to hospitals, manufacturers, building owners, municipalities, universities and the US government.

Bantec Inc.’s mission is to be the respected leader in our three areas of focus:          

  1. Distribution into government
  2. Drone sales, support and training
  3. Environmental/Construction provider of products and services

We are dedicated to accomplishment and excellence, delivering high quality products and services efficiently and effectively.  Through daily focus, performance and efficient execution, we are committed to demonstrating leadership and setting the standard for all other organizations across a broad range of industries.


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